The SGA Treasury Board is made up of eight voting members across all classes at the Catholic University of America. This group of directors is led by the Treasurer, who votes only in cases of a tie. Treasury Board is responsible for allocating funds out of the student activity fee to all student organizations for operations, programming events, other related costs.


How to Request Funding?

Download the new Treasury Board Handbook that can explain the steps of funding requests and presentation tips in depth.  Once you understand the process of requesting funds, go to the "How to Request Funding" Page and follow the prompts. 


Meet the Directors

Director Tyrica Edmonds-Miller 

Class of 2023

Major: Nursing

Director Maria Duffy

Class of 2024

Major: Economics

Director Robert Nero

Class of 2024

Major: Environmental Engineering

Director Luke Kelly

Class of 2025

Major: Architecture

  Director Theodore Pasto

Class of 2025

Major: Politics

Director Sean Joseph Scully

Class of 2025

Major: Philosophy

Director Margaret O'Brien

Class of 2025

Major: Computer Science


Class of 2026