Led by Angie Labissiere

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion executive initiative managed to plan a panel dialogue on the treatment of BIPOC students at CUA, participate in the creation of legislation on the creation of an Africana Studies program, and plan a keynote speaker event for CUA’s first ever virtual MLK Teach-in week. We also organized an event on the Consistent Ethic of Life along with BSA, SOL and FOCUS which was an immense success. This upcoming semester we hope to increase inclusivity by advocating for diversity training at Orientation as well as diversifying LC curriculum.


Led by Anthony Grieco and Kelsey Nowack

Catholic Values

The goal of the Catholic Values Executive Initiative is to cultivate a deep Catholic identity on campus by supporting clubs and individuals and mediating between the student body and Campus Ministry.  Last semester, the Initiative advocated for more sacramental opportunities during the University's quarantine periods by relaying concerns to Campus Ministry and encouraging transparency and advertisement of opportunities. This included the addition of two communion services for Resident Assistants and Nursing students working Sunday clinicals.  Additionally, the Initiative began networking with religious clubs, produced a series of Advent reflections, and participated in the University's Inauguration prayer service.  This semester, the Initiative hopes to advocate for the spiritual needs of students in hard quarantine and isolation and to continue supporting the Catholic identity of our student body.


Led by Brooke Simonson 

Campus Wellness

Last semester, the Wellness Initiative was able to partake in Fresh Check Day, which partnered with many different organizations on campus in order to promote physical and mental health. This semester, the Initiative hopes to work more with different organizations such as PEERS and the Kane Center in order to create a more informed campus about ways to stay healthy, especially during the pandemic. We will work to promote physical health by cultivating different events and working groups to keep the campus population in shape and also hold an event during this semester that will promote a healthier mental state for the campus community.


Led by Samy Baty


The Arts Executive Initiative continues working to showcase the large array of creative talent that we have at Catholic University. Our central goal is to support the comprehensive community of artists through encouraged collaboration and strengthening of not just many individual organizations, but one arts community. This semester we hope to continue expanding the paths of communication between the organizations through brainstorming focus groups. Though campus may be different now, the arts will continue to bring light and joy to our campus. 


Led by Sammy Phillips


The Athletics Initiative is excited that athletics is operating in some capacity and holding competition this semester. With the new challenges ahead, we as an initiative need to check in on the pulse of the Athletic community to best support them in this semester's endeavors. Therefore this Initiative puts forth two key projects and reserves the right to add more to add more to our mission as the needs of the students may arise and change. 

We hope to institute Comprehensive Dining Adaptations Made for Student Athletes so they are ensured a proper breakfast and dinner for early morning and late night practices or games. 

We also aim to include Athletics Events on the Office of Campus Activities Calendar and build a bridge between Athletics and OCA.  

It is our hope that through collaboration and determination we can accomplish these goals and best represent our athletes!


Led by Holly Thompson and Joseph Giessuebel


The Environmental Executive Initiative brainstorms and executes ideas on how to make Catholic University more environmentally aware and sustainable. The Initiative does this by working closely with the Environmental Sustainability Office and Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations Office. 


Led by Robert Giron


Commuter & Transfer Students

The Commuter and Transfer Student Initiative aims to facilitate campus life for recent transfer students or students who are local and do not reside on campus. Our hope is to raise awareness and act on matters pertaining to the commuter and transfer student community. This may include matters such as parking permits, parking spaces, lack of inclusion, etc. We will strive to make commuters and transfer students feel at home at Catholic University by collaborating with supporting departments such as the CCE, Dean of Students and others alike.