Research Committee


The Research Committee assists the Executive Board, the Executive Initiatives, and the Senate in creating legislation by completing thorough research of a proposed idea. This often includes researching other universities comparable to the Catholic University of America in order to see what they have done for a specific topic, as well as examining useful information and logistics regarding a subject. This is done to offer further clarity regarding ideas being discussed for legislation and can be used to determine what will be best for our university and student body. 

The Research Committee consists of roughly 6-8 Research Associates and the Research Director. Each associate is assigned to one of the SGA Senate Committees and is expected to attend all scheduled meetings with their Senate Committees. These associates are able to conduct their own research on matters discussed during the meetings to offer helpful information. That being said, their primary task is to research topics requested by members within their committee in order to develop legislation. Additionally, the Research Director will attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Executive Cabinet and give consistent updates on the work carried out by the Research Committee. 

The Research Committee has seen incredible growth since its creation in 2019, and it has recently played a key role in the development of several legislations. If you are a member of SGA and would like the Research Committee to research a proposed idea, or if you are interested in applying to become a Research Associate, please contact Director Joe Sypal at

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