A Letter From the Director


Hello Everyone,

     My name is Jon Norman, and I am the director of the SGA Research Committee for the 2021-2022 school year. The Research Committee seeks to aid the Executive Board, the Executive Initiatives, and the Senate in developing legislation.  We do this by researching all aspects of a proposed idea.  Some of these aspects include: discovering what other universities, that are comparable to Catholic University, have done regarding a specific topic, discovering what the Catholic University administration and/or SGA had done in the past regarding a specific topic, and discovering any logistical information regarding a specific topic, such as costs.  The research that this committee conducts is all designed to further clarify any ideas that are potentially being discussed as pieces of legislation.

     The Research Committee is composed of 6-8 Research Associates and the Research Director.  Each Associate is assigned to one of the five SGA Senate Committees.  Associates will attend regularly scheduled meetings with their Senate Committees in effort to aid them in their legislative duties.  The Research Director will also attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Executive Cabinet.  Every associate can take part in any research that the committee conducts, and the associates can even conduct their own research if they are passionate about a topic.

     Since its creation in 2019, the Research Committee has come a long way and I know it will continue to grow.  Last year, the committee completed over 20 research products for various members in SGA (below you can see some examples of the great work that the committee conducted last year).  I am confident that number will only increase this year and I am excited at the opportunity to help more student leaders further develop their proposed ideas for the University.  If you are an SGA member and would like the Research Committee to research a proposed idea for you or if you are looking to apply to become a Research Associate please feel free to email me at normanjf@cua.edu.  I am looking forward to a great and productive year.



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