Current Year Legislation (2022-2023)

Legislation Title
Bert, Curioso, Martin, Suarez
Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline 
Curioso, Drauschak, Musick
Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline
Sent Back To Committee 16-8-0
D'Attelo, Tamayo
Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline
Corey, Curioso, Ewing, Suarez, Tamayo
Passed 23-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline
Bubel, Curioso, Drauschak, Kruger, Suarez
Passed 18-5-0; in the advocacy pipeline
Musick, Henriquez
Curioso, Suarez
Passed 21-2-0; Enacted - Facilities will place baby changing stations in all 3 of the buildings mentioned in this bill resolution fiscal year
Curioso, Michels
Passed 18-4-1; Enacted - Implemented in Senate bylaws
Bert, Curioso, Gehrig, Kish
Passed 22-0-0; In the advocacy pipeline
Kish, Michels, Tamayo
Passed 19-2-0; In the advocacy pipeline 
Curioso, Ewing, Michels, Suarez
Passed 19-3-0; Enacted - The Office of Enrollment will be paying tour guides through a new program in the 2023 spring semester 
Besendorfer, Curioso, Drauschak, D’Attelo
Passed 18-4-0; Enacted

Bert, Bubel, Djilioni, Martin, Suarez

Passed 26-0-0; Enacted - Tech Services has increased the speed of the internet, is currently working on a cell tower on the roof of Opus, and will be placing QR codes to a new maintenance form they created throughout the Residence Halls over Christmas break 2022


Bommer, Bubel, Curioso, D’Attelo, Suarez

Passed 22-4-0; In advocacy pipeline

Curioso, Musick

Passed 26-0-0; Enacted - The waste disposal unit has been placed inside Murphys and SGA is coordinating with the Office of Sustainability to replace the placards
Resolution 012:  Bommer

Besendorfer, Gehrig, Michels

Passed 25-1-0; Enacted - Budget approved by the Board of Trustees 
Resolution 011: A Resolution to Establish the Usage of an Online App for the On-Campus Starbucks Drauschak Kish, Martin, Musick, Suarez Passed 21-3-0; In the advocacy pipeline
Resolution 010: A Resolution to Update the On-Campus Holocaust Memorial Samuels Curioso, Kruger, McCarthy, Suarez Sent Back to Committee 
Resolution 009: A Resolution to Ensure the Campus Community is Adequately Informed on Sexual Offense Procedures Michels Bommer, Musick, Suarez

Passed 24-0-0; In the advocacy pipeline 

Resolution 008: A Resolution to Ensure the Safety and Maintenance of Campus Elevators Curioso Besendorfer, Drauschak, Henriquez, Musick, Suarez Passed 24-0-0; In the advocacy pipeline 
Resolution 007: Resolution to Include Retreats as an Excused Absence Besendorfer Bert, Corey, Curioso, Kish, Suarez Passed 21-4-0; In the advocacy pipeline 
Resolution 006: A Resolution to Ensure the Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems in On-Campus Dormitories Kish Bert, Curioso Passed 25-0-0; Enacted - Facilities will be putting up QR codes leading to the Maintenance request form in residence halls over Christmas break 2022 and will be changing the shower curtains to 'right fit'; both in an effort to cut back on the mold
Resolution 005: Resolution to Implement a Pilot Program to Extend the Weekend Hours of the Campus Shuttle Gehrig Curioso, Ewing Passed 25-0-0; In advocacy pipeline
Resolution 004: A Resolution to Include Cooking Necessities in Residence Hall Kitchen Facilities Martin Curioso, Kruger, McCarthy, Zayas Passed 25-0-0; Enacted - Residence Life will conduct a trial run of items in dorm kitchens to consider full campus implementation in the 2023 Spring semester 
Bill 001: A Bill to Require Yeas and Nays to be Reflected in the Minutes  Michels Besendorfer, Drauschak, Gehrig, Bommer Passed 19-6-1; Enacted - Implemented in Senate minutes
Resolution 003: A Resolution to Advocate for Pornography Addiction Resources on Campus Suarez Curioso, Tamayo Sent back to Student Resources Committee 16-4-6; Terminated
Resolution 002: Resolution to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Walking Routes Near The Construction of the Conway School of Nursing Building Besendorfer Martin, Curioso Passed 26-0-0; Denied
Resolution 001: A Resolution to Extend the Mailroom Hours Martin Besendorfer, Suarez Passed 26-0-0; Enacted - There will be flex hours beginning in the 2023 spring semester; The package room will be open until 7 pm and there will be Saturday hours; The website will be updated in early January; Activity will be monitored for future reference.  

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