Current Year Legislation (2022-2023)

Legislation Title


Downing, Michels 

25-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Bommer, Tamayo

25-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Bert, Djilioni

25-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Henriquez, Kruger, Suarez

24-1-0; in the advocacy pipeline



24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Curioso, Downing, Kruger, Zayas

24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline



21-3-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Ewing, Foley, Martin Noory

24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Ewing, Djilioni, Suarez

22-1-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Besendorfer, Curioso, Henriquez, Kruger

Passed 16-8-0; Vetoed by President Crnkovich


Bommer, Bubel, Kish


Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline

Curioso, Suarez

Passed 25-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Suarez, Curioso, Bommer, Musick

Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline



D’Attelo, Drauschak

Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


 Kruger, Musick

Passed 16-7-0; Enacted



Passed 23-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline


Passed 22-1-0; Enacted
Passed 23-0-0; Enacted - President Crnkovich met with Rob Specter, CFO of Catholic University, all endowment investments are governed by the principles set forth by the USCCB, and that no need for divestment has yet been discovered.
Bert, Curioso, Martin, Suarez
Passed 24-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline 
Curioso, Drauschak, Musick
Passed 24-0-0; Enacted
Sent Back To Committee 16-8-0
D'Attelo, Tamayo
Passed 24-0-0; Enacted - Implemented in Senate bylaws
Corey, Curioso, Ewing, Suarez, Tamayo
Passed 23-0-0; in the advocacy pipeline
Bubel, Curioso, Drauschak, Kruger, Suarez
Passed 18-5-0; in the advocacy pipeline
Musick, Henriquez
Curioso, Suarez
Passed 21-2-0; Enacted - Facilities will place baby changing stations in all 3 of the buildings mentioned in this bill resolution fiscal year
Curioso, Michels
Passed 18-4-1; Enacted - Implemented in Senate bylaws
Bert, Curioso, Gehrig, Kish
Passed 22-0-0; Enacted
Kish, Michels, Tamayo
Passed 19-2-0; In the advocacy pipeline 
Curioso, Ewing, Michels, Suarez
Passed 19-3-0; Enacted - The Office of Enrollment will be paying tour guides through a new program in the 2023 spring semester 
Besendorfer, Curioso, Drauschak, D’Attelo
Passed 18-4-0; Enacted

Bert, Bubel, Djilioni, Martin, Suarez

Passed 26-0-0; Enacted - Tech Services has increased the speed of the internet, is currently working on a cell tower on the roof of Opus, and will be placing QR codes to a new maintenance form they created throughout the Residence Halls over Christmas break 2022


Bommer, Bubel, Curioso, D’Attelo, Suarez

Passed 22-4-0; Enacted

Curioso, Musick

Passed 26-0-0; Enacted - The waste disposal unit has been placed inside Murphys and SGA is coordinating with the Office of Sustainability to replace the placards
Resolution 012:  Bommer

Besendorfer, Gehrig, Michels

Passed 25-1-0; Enacted - Budget approved by the Board of Trustees 
Resolution 011: A Resolution to Establish the Usage of an Online App for the On-Campus Starbucks Drauschak Kish, Martin, Musick, Suarez Passed 21-3-0; In the advocacy pipeline
Resolution 010: A Resolution to Update the On-Campus Holocaust Memorial Samuels Curioso, Kruger, McCarthy, Suarez Sent Back to Committee 
Resolution 009: A Resolution to Ensure the Campus Community is Adequately Informed on Sexual Offense Procedures Michels Bommer, Musick, Suarez

Passed 24-0-0; In the advocacy pipeline 

Resolution 008: A Resolution to Ensure the Safety and Maintenance of Campus Elevators Curioso Besendorfer, Drauschak, Henriquez, Musick, Suarez Passed 24-0-0; Enacted
Resolution 007: Resolution to Include Retreats as an Excused Absence Besendorfer Bert, Corey, Curioso, Kish, Suarez Passed 21-4-0; In the advocacy pipeline 
Resolution 006: A Resolution to Ensure the Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems in On-Campus Dormitories Kish Bert, Curioso Passed 25-0-0; Enacted - Facilities will be putting up QR codes leading to the Maintenance request form in residence halls over Christmas break 2022 and will be changing the shower curtains to 'right fit'; both in an effort to cut back on the mold
Resolution 005: Resolution to Implement a Pilot Program to Extend the Weekend Hours of the Campus Shuttle Gehrig Curioso, Ewing Passed 25-0-0; Enacted
Resolution 004: A Resolution to Include Cooking Necessities in Residence Hall Kitchen Facilities Martin Curioso, Kruger, McCarthy, Zayas Passed 25-0-0; Enacted - Residence Life will conduct a trial run of items in dorm kitchens to consider full campus implementation in the 2023 Spring semester 
Bill 001: A Bill to Require Yeas and Nays to be Reflected in the Minutes  Michels Besendorfer, Drauschak, Gehrig, Bommer Passed 19-6-1; Enacted - Implemented in Senate minutes
Resolution 003: A Resolution to Advocate for Pornography Addiction Resources on Campus Suarez Curioso, Tamayo Sent back to Student Resources Committee 16-4-6; Terminated
Resolution 002: Resolution to Improve the Safety and Efficiency of Walking Routes Near The Construction of the Conway School of Nursing Building Besendorfer Martin, Curioso Passed 26-0-0; Denied
Resolution 001: A Resolution to Extend the Mailroom Hours Martin Besendorfer, Suarez Passed 26-0-0; Enacted - There will be flex hours beginning in the 2023 spring semester; The package room will be open until 7 pm and there will be Saturday hours; The website will be updated in early January; Activity will be monitored for future reference.  

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