Is your student organization interested in receiving funding?


In order to present, you MUST: 

  1. Fill out a Funding Request on the NEST. 
  2. Have a Budget Sheet that breaks down the request into an itemized list.
  3. Create a Presentation Slide Deck that explains the nature of your request.

 Budget Sheet and Presentation Slide Deck templates can be found using these links. 

How do you fill out a Funding Request on the NEST? 

  1. Log in to The Nest, go to your organization's page, select "Manage Organization," and click on the "Finance" tab under the left toolbar menu. If you do not have access to this menu, contact your organization president or primary contact on the Nest to get access. 
  2. Click on the blue button labeled "Create Funding Request." 
  3. Fill out the following information. The sections in blue are instructions for how to complete the request. 
  4. While completing the form, schedule your presentation HERE. Your request will not be reviewed unless you present to the Board. You must make this appointment and submit your request at least 5 days before your presentation time (i.e. the Board meets Tuesdays at 8 pm, so your request must be submitted no later than 8 pm the Friday before your presentation). 

Reach out to Treasurer Sean Scully ( with any additional questions!