Welcome to The Catholic University Student Government Association. This is your chance to have a voice to the administration and get involved. Look around this site to learn about our branches, meet your representatives, and find your place to leave a mark! 

Please check out our updated Office Hours Schedule on the Office Hours sidebar. On the schedule, you can find the times respective SGA representatives are available on Zoom. Have your voice heard and be sure to attend our office hours!  

A Message from The SGA President Gerald Sharpe

The Catholic University of America has shown the world that we will Light the Way through our academics, pursuit of self growth, and renewed commitment to Christ-like service. Now, more than ever, we the students of Catholic U are called to fulfill that mission.

The Student Government Association works tirelessly to serve the Catholic University community in creating a student-centered experience. From hosting inclusive events, to debating key campus issues in our Senate chamber, to advocating for students in meetings with the University’s senior leadership, everything we do is for you, the students. 

Each time you set foot on Catholic’s campus, you see SGA at work. Our Executive Branch focuses on offering support and resources to students, and making your voices heard in discussions about campus policy. Our Legislative Branch focuses on solving problems through debate and legislation. Our Treasury Board focuses on funding our student organizations so they can fulfill their mission and host fruitful events.

Our goal is the enhancement of the student experience, and it is our hope that you join us in this unique mission. This website thoroughly explains all that we do. Take a look around, make your voice heard, and get involved. 

Please know that above all, SGA is here to listen to and address your concerns. 2020 has been one of the most historic and tumultuous years of our lifetimes. We are aware of the great responsibility that rests on all our shoulders as the generation that will bring Catholic University, and the world, into the future. Only together will we accomplish this task. 

Never hesitate to reach out to us or stop by our office (Pryz 205) if there is any way we can advocate for you. 

With hope and optimism,








  • Kelly Woodson, Class of 2022
  • Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences 

"Catholic University's SGA strives to achieve what the student body needs. A resolution that was passed that not only positively impacted me, but many other students was the resolution of the extension of library hours. As a student who studies for an extremely long time, it is vital that the library remains open for long hours especially during midterms and finals week. This year, SGA has a fantastic group of members that will work to the best of their abilities to make Catholic University the best it can be". 


  • Sam Ferris, Class of 2023
  • Major: Nursing
  • "Although I was not a part of Student Government during my first year at Catholic, it has been an important part of my experience for two reasons. Firstly, by attending the senate meetings I was able to stay informed on what was going on throughout our community and what was being done to make campus life even better. Secondly, SGA was an outlet for me as a member of the community to make a change in the community. I knew if I asked Senators Schlee and Decker, who represented my class last year, to address something that needed to be changed within our community that they would work hard on creating new legislation that benefited the entire community".