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A Message from 2023-2024 SGA President
Maevis Fahey


The hallmark of the Catholic U community is our authenticity. We are called to love and serve one another as our true selves, recognizing our neighbor’s individual dignity and value. Catholic U is known for its authentic warmth and welcoming spirit, which is a testament to the words on our University crest: “Deus Lux Mea Est,” or “God Is My Light.”

It is an honor to serve as your Student Body President this year alongside the SGA Executive Team: Alex, Sean & Kathleen. Our promise is to authentically love and serve you in all that we do. From leading our Senate and Treasury Board, to overseeing our Executive Initiatives, Task Force, and Media Team, we look forward to building solutions and advocating for you everyday.

We welcome all members of the student body to consider joining the Student Government Association – a place to bring your unique gifts and talents to the table in order to better our campus and ensure that everyone feels at home in our community.

Let us continue to love and serve with authenticity at The Catholic University of America. 

May God be our light.


Maevis Fahey



Jonathan Norman, Class of 2023



Maria Duffy, Class of 2024



"In being a part of the Student Government Association in each of my four years at Catholic, I have always been impressed by the exceptional work this group of students is able to accomplish every year. I have seen changes in leadership in almost every role across the three branches, but no matter who the current representatives are, SGA continues to be resilient in advocating for the entire student body and making this community a better place for all. I encourage any student who is looking for changes to be made on campus to reach out to your Student Government Association and you will be amazed by the work of brilliant student leaders who are here to advocate for you."



"Students Government Association plays an incredibly important role in students’ experience at CUA. Through SGA, students are able to stand up for what they believe in and have a voice in the campus community. During my time in SGA I’ve seen students advocate for what they believe in, student organizations grow, and students gain valuable leadership skills. Through SGA, I’ve been able to help to promote and advocate for a strong and welcoming community on campus. As a member of SGA’s Treasury Board, I’ve been to able to have an active role in helping Student Organizations fund events and programs throughout the year. The Treasury Board and its allocations have helped to create a variety of events on campus for all students to enjoy. SGA, and its impact on the student body, has helped to create a more fruitful and dynamic experience for the entire campus community."