The number one concern that the Student Government Association hears from our fellow students is feeling unsupported in the undergraduate advising experience at Catholic University. Every undergraduate student deserves a personalized and well-functioning advising system that guides them through registering for their courses, navigating internship applications, and searching for many post-graduation opportunities. Until now, student concerns about advising have largely been passive remarks about personal challenges with the system.

Over the past two months, the Student Government Association has conducted a survey that sought to determine the scope of student concern, as well as pinpoint exact problems students are facing so we can work with the University Administration in making improvements. A statistically significant survey for the undergraduate population of Catholic University is approximately 400 responses, and we are proud to announce that our student advising survey received over 600 responses. Thank you to all the students who participated in this survey — your responses will be the key to creating change in the student advising experience.

This report is designed to detail the findings of the data provided by the survey responses. By dividing the responses according to advisor, Academic School, major, and enrollment in the Honors Program, this analysis presents an in-depth analysis of the student advising experience at Catholic University. The final section of the report details a series of pressing and fitting changes to the student advising experience that the administration should implement to address the concerns outlined in the survey report. The Executive of the Student Government Association is looking forward to continuing to advocate on behalf of students and working with the University Administration to enact necessary improvements to the student advising experience.

You can read the full report here.